Single shared folder with Google Apps

My users have Google Apps and we're thinking of signing up for Google Drive. We'd like to have a single shared folder that:
1. Shows up on everyone's desktop so they can access files there (the 'Google Drive" folder in My Documents is OK
2. Shows up on the web so folks can get to it there.

I know we can set up separate Google Drive accounts for each user but then there are multiple shared folders vs one single share where everyone's shared data for our business lives.

Is there a way to accomplish this and if so how?
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sdr5280Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, here's what i got. When in your google drive.

1. Click on Create, It will give you a drop down menu.

2. Click on New Folder.

3. Name it

4. Once you name the folder it will show under your "My Drive"

5. Click on the Drop down arrow.

6.  Click share.

7. Will bring up a menu to share the folder to whom ever you invite.

8. Invite "guests"

9. You can also edit who can have read/write access and who can just have read access.

Hope this helps, This is the only way i have found that you are able to have and use a shared folder. Once they have access to that and have the My Drive downloaded from google all they would have to do, is click on the app, then they can add/delete and edit files if they are told they can Attached is a word doc on with the images i have created for a step by step if needed.
Hey, I will have an answer for you by tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to take a look into this and find the answer and show you how to set this up this way if it is possible for the google doc/drive can work this way.
So, I did a little bit of research on this. I found that you can create a folder that can be shared    you can also set the permissions to where whom ever you invite to the shared folder can only view, and others can edit etc. Maybe if we can set up a time to actually get together on team viewer. I can just show you a little demo on how to do this. Its quick and easy. I can show you how to set up the folder, set the permissions and how to invite others to the folder. If this is something that you would like to do let me know. If not i can make a tutorial document with images on how to do this. Would take more time so that is why i'm suggesting the team viewer. Let me know which route you would like to take on how to do this.
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Julian123Author Commented:
Thanks, please feel free to post the solution here if you have it. Basic overview steps are fine.

Ok. Ill give you the steps with images soon as i get home to finish it up and post it on here for you.
Did this help at all? Just following up. I noticed you haven't replied.. If not let me know if you still need help!
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