YouTube video error Windows 2008R2

Hello I have an problem on multiple machines on multiple sites that YouTube video’s start and after one second “An error occurred. Please try again later”.
I have this problem on six Windows 2008R2. One SBS2011 server, one Windows Server 2008R2 With exchange 2010 installed and four Windows Server 2008R2 remote desktops.
Some of these servers runs as an child in Hyper-v mode other as an physical machine.

These servers don’t run on the same site. So not the same ISP, Firewalls and DNS settings and are using on two machines IE9 and on four machines IE10.
Different antivirus solutions on the servers. I have tried the reset Internet Explorer and reinstalled Flash. Change the rendering from GPU to Software in Internet Explorer. It did not make a difference.
We don’t want to use another browser then IE.

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NCAutoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi All,

Thank for all responses,

We finally solved our issue on the Windows 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Session Host Server.

We checked and played with the following:

Windows Desktop Experience installed
Adobe Flash Player installed
Correct RDP settings on the host and client
Internet settings
Firewall settings

All above was fine and the only thing we had to do to solve our problem was to start the Windows Audio service and set it to auto start. Now Youtube works as it suppose to.

Thanks again,

Bas den Boer
NC Automatisering
Sumit GuptaSystem and Virtualization EngineerCommented:
Which type of security you are using for network?? I have read somewhere the similar problem with Websense check this link:
I get that all the time on internet explorer but find that if i play it especially on Chrome it plays fine, i do sometimes get it also on firefox but as i have read you dont want to use another browser, I haven't found the root cause of why its doing this
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Md. MojahidCommented:
This is only happening due to security so you have to allow on firewall video strumming on your firewall.
Cris HannaCommented:
I'd have to question why in the world you'd be trying to view YouTube videos on a Server desktop (except when serving up desktops under Remote Desktop Services)

I may have overlooked it but have you disabled Enhanced Security for IE for Admins and Users on the servers?   Added YouTube to the Trusted Sites zone in IE?
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
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