Draytek 2820 Vlan Setup

Hi Experts

I'm trying to setup a vlan on a Draytek 2820, Ive followed a few guides online and just cant seem to get internet access on the new vlan, I can however ping the router.

My current setup is vlan1 has our main lan and sbs running DHCP, vlan2 just needs to have internet access, I can connect a pc using a static ip and can ping the router I just cant ping the internet (

Hopefully I'm just missing something obvious.
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Chris MillardCommented:
IIRC, You have to assign ALL LAN ports and Wi-Fi SSIDs to a VLAN - even if not using them. Have you done that?
coreccAuthor Commented:
yes, everything is on vlan1 except p4 which is vlan2
Chris MillardCommented:
OK, so the PC on VLAN2 isn't getting an IP from DHCP - which is expected because DHCP is running on the SBS server which is on VLAN1, and DHCP is disabled on the router.

What IP address is your router on, and what is the current IP configuration assigned to the PC on VLAN2?
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coreccAuthor Commented:
That's all correct, he's my config:

LAN IP Network Configuration
For NAT Usage
For NAT Mode For IP Routing Mode
   1st IP Address
   1st Subnet Mask
For IP Routing Usage  Enable  Disable
   2nd IP Address
   2nd Subnet Mask

im using on the laptop
Chris MillardCommented:
Ah, can you change your 2nd IP address to and change the gateway address on the laptop to

the .255. is a broadcast address and may be causing your problem...
coreccAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'm going to try changing this when I'm next on site but we have used this ip address range on another site with out a problem.  Thanks
coreccAuthor Commented:
Ive changed the ip to, same problem...
Chris MillardCommented:
Right - I've done some more investigation (I too have a 2820).

The VLAN and "For IP Routing Usage" options are not connected.

In my scenario I did this:-

VLAN0 - P1 P2 P3
VLAN1 - P4

On LAN->General Setup, my routers IP is set to with a subnet mask of

VLAN0 has an SBS server on it providing DHCP. Any machines connected to P1 P2 or P3 are getting IP addresses from DHCP and work no problem - they get IPs in the range -

Any machines on P4 do NOT get an IP automatically as there is no DHCP server on this VLAN. HOWEVER, If I manually fix the IP on a machine on VLAN1 to a 192.168.1.x address then:-

a) That machine is getting internet access OK; and
b) Can NOT communicate with any other machine on VLAN0

Of course, I have to make sure that any IP I assign on VLAN1 is not assigned to a machine on VLAN0.

I cannot see how to incorporate the "For IP Routing Usage" IP addresses onto VLAN1 - I tried enabling the DHCP server for it - that didn't work. I also set a static IP in the range 192.168.2.x onto my PC, and like you, could ping the router, but not the internet.

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coreccAuthor Commented:
ok, that's really useful, im going to set it up the same as you, its not perfect for me but it will be ok. Thanks
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