Exchange 2003 Queues

Exchange 2003 on windows 2003 sp 2 all up to date.I'm getting email's stuck in Queues.we are receiving emails normally,sending only we had problem,in server event viewer i am not getting any errors.
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msretailitConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Issue was mail struck in Barracuda due to sending emails to more than allowed list in Barracuda
Wait for it to time-out, or delete it WITH NDR. Read the NDR for explanation.

If Wireshark is already installed, start listening on port 25, force queue, read traffic to check the problem (hopefully you don't use TLS)
msretailitAuthor Commented:
Dear Kimputer.

The problem resolved now.

i am closing the question
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whats the size of the mail.queue file..
msretailitAuthor Commented:
the problem resolved by itself

please close the question
msretailitAuthor Commented:
Troubleshoot the issue found to be in Barracuda not on exchange
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