New MX question

Hi there,
Our email server is currently getting MX on
just installed new broadband on a separate line, and will add a new MX in the Control Panel as
Do I need to do anything on the server  after swapping to the new broadband ?

I know I can just change the MX of mail2 to the new IP, but I would rather keep it as a backup MX so hence the question.

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MAS (MVE)EE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
Create another MX with a bigger preference.  So both will be working
and  if mail2 is not available it will go to mail3

Prefrence                    Name
Sanjay SantokiCommented:

As far as Exchange server is concerned you don't need to do anything except you are using another mail server to deliver and push email to Exchange server or customized receive connectors.

You simply need to configure your broadband to forward required SMTP ports (Mail service ports) to the Exchange server.

In respect of DNS, you have to create low priority MX record to point new broadband IP address so that primarily all the incoming email tries to deliver through new broadband,

Sanjay Santoki
CombemartinAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys,
Just a quick question as to destination.
Currently in my hosting CP, I have this setup as shown in pic.
mail3 already used even though it goes to nowhere, should I just simplify it by adding a instead of mail4.
Also I dont see anywhere where you input the new IP so how would it know where to deliver ?
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CombemartinAuthor Commented:
Sorry, just needed to add a new A within the Advanced DNS before adding new MX, got that now, thanks
MAS (MVE)EE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
You should first create an A record poiting to your new server e.g.>
Then add MX record preference less than the previous one
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:

You should have a reverse lookup of the new IP to resolve properly or some mail servers will refuse to send to you. Also if you have SPF records then dont forget to update those as well.

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MAS (MVE)EE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
Thanks for adding missed point. I completely forgot to write about reverse DNS and SPF.

It is important to create reverse DNS and SPF otherwise your mails may bounce back
CombemartinAuthor Commented:
Thanks Neilsr and Abbasiftt
I had already requested Hostroute to create a SPF on the new IP.
As my current MX is called mail2.xxxxx.xom on the old broadband, and the new MX is called mail4.xxxxx.xom, do I need to do anything at all on the Server/Exchange to reflect the changes of this name ?
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