WSSU and IE 10 rolout


When IE10 was released we initially blocked wsus from delivering this update, now we need to commence delivering IE10 via wsus, how can we located the declined wsus installer package for IE10 and reapprove?
I would like to deliver just the initial installer then  delivery the remaining updates after.

WSUS version:  3.2.7600.226.
Clients: windows 7, 64 and 32

Thanks in advance.
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stu29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
While in your Declined view .. in the top left there is a search option.  Search for Internet Explorer 10 .. scroll down to the updates that contain ONLY Internet Explorer 10 for (Operating System).  These are you initial installs.
If you open your WSUS panel, go to ALL UPDATES and change the filter to show you your declined updates, you should see your IE10.  Just approve it from here.
hairylotsAuthor Commented:
Hello Stu29

Yes you are correct, but I was hoping I could find a way to just do the initial installer first.
Do you know how to identify the initial ie10 installer?

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