Wifi Proxy problems after adding a 2008 R2 DC to a 2003 Domain


I've a strange Windows 7 WiFi problem and its only happened after we added a 2008 R2 DC to a 2003 domain, so I guess my question is: does a 2008 R2 server DC automatically add any policies which could prevent Win7 client PCs from detecting Wifi Proxy settings in a wifi captive portal?

The Wifi connects but IE or any browser is unable to load the Wifi Portal login page, direct connections are fine.

Thank you.

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Pramod UbheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It should not but if you need to test it, Try to move one of the affected computer to an OU where no GPOs are being applied or GPO inheritance is blocked and then test it.

You can also use GPRESULT /R command to verify GPOs applied on that computer.
Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Further to what pramod_ubhe said, you could also use the RSOP MMC to actually view which settings were applied for each GPO.
TopCat-007Author Commented:
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