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I have a program we use at the company which connects to the server via SQL and on my previous computer there were no issues and it worked perfectly fine however I have purchased a new DELL computer and the software does not seem to be able to connect to the server via SQL in the application. The company who writes the software are also unable to get it to work and are blaming the computer but I cannot see why the computer would be causing a problem.

We have other 64-bit non-dell computers which work fine so I don't feel it is the fact that its a 64-bit computer. I have also wiped and rebuilt the computer with no resolution and there has been no firewalls or antivirus etc installed its a basic build of Windows 7 Professional connected to an SBS 2011 server. Everything else works fine even all the applications etc, just this one application fails.

The error I receive when loading the program is:

'Error starting connection: Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.'

Does anyone have any ideas that may help to resolve this?
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Tahir2008Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:

This now seems to be resolved and was due to SQL Native Client 64-bit 2005 server not being installed. This article pointed me in the right direction:
Have you tried setting up an ODBC driver from your PC over to the SQL server?

That may first help you to determine if the issue is the direct connection from your PC to the  SQL server .. and then maybe you can try connecting the software over to your driver from your PC rather than straight to the SQL server?
Tahir2008Author Commented:
Yes I have tried that and it works without any issues via ODBC
Tahir2008Author Commented:
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