Backups using SBS 2011 native backup

We are reviewing different backup options for SBS 2011 and considering the built in software to portable drives. Can we also backup other servers or pc's using this method of backup? We are used to Backup Exec and know we need remote agent licenses to make that product work. Can we do this with the built in software?
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kdubendorfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you check the licensing on Backup Exec Small Business Edition (which is what I've used on SBS systems) you can remotely backup other computers in the domain to the server.   It's not cheap, I think I have paid between $700 and $800 dollars for it but it does the trick.
KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The built-in backup is local only, and even at that I think it's quite limiting.
holcomb_frankAuthor Commented:
Kimputer - Thanks for the confirmation, thats what I thought.

Kdubendorf - Thanks for the suggestion. Your right, it works good!

I'm splitting the points because you both are correct and have helped. Thanks!
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