Outlook 2010 accept email from any domain/Exchange

I have a weird request from a user that would like to be able to recieve email from any domain no matter what spam and all. Is there such a way this can be done. The only thing I can think of is safe recipients under junk-email filter and they will have their email in cached mode. If anyone can think of another way please let me know. We are using an exchange 2010/outlook 2010 environment with Fortimail appliance.
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Exchange already accepts email from any domain by default. If you mean it's being filtered by Exchange's own Content Filtering ? Then put this particular user in the Exception list.
Or you mean Fortimail intercepts a lot? I'm not sure, but there probably is also an option to configure some exceptions.
Red-KingIT ManagerCommented:
I agree with Kimputer, you need to set up some exceptions for this user.

On the Fortimail, you need to allow all mail where your user's address is in the To field.
There's a potential risk here that if a spam item being received has many addresses in the To field, including your exception user, then that spam item may be delivered to all users addressed in the item.
The exception may need to be added as a white list entry depending on how the Fortimail terms these things.

If you are using Exchange's own content filtering you'll need to add the exception there too.
techdriveAuthor Commented:
Well here is the issue. We have a system mailbox that needs to be able to receive email from anywhere. I was wondering if there was a way in fortimail to bypass the hygeine process and go directly to that systems mailbox.
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techdriveAuthor Commented:
Here is what I am referring to http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb691132%28v=exchg.141%29.aspx I just need to know how to enable this on the fortimail appliance.
You sound like you're talking about two different things... being able to 'receive from anywhere' to me means that you basically don't want spam filtering enabled for that mailbox.  

However, the link you provided points to an article that talks about creating a Catch-All mailbox, which is a whole separate thing.  The purpose of a catch-all mailbox is to allow your system to receive messages that are SENT TO addresses at the domains you host that may not actually be associated with mailboxes on your server.  Basically, a catch-all mailbox will make it so no mail will ever bounce due to the address not existing on your server.

For example:  Let's say you had 2 mailboxes set up on your system, one for Dick and one for Jane and your domain is domain.com.  Of course, email sent to dick@domain.com would be delivered to Dick's mailbox, and email sent to jane@domain.com would be delivered to Jane's mailbox.  Well, what if someone sent an email to Bob@domain.com?  Well, if you DO NOT have a catch-all (which, honestly most people don't IME), that message would bounce back to the sender because that address doesn't exist.  However, if you DO have a catch-all, then emails sent to Bob, Joe, and even BabyElephant@domain.com, etc would be delivered to the catch-all mailbox.  This scenario can be useful in smaller environments in the event you don't want to set up a bunch of extra mailboxes like sales, info, help, etc, but, typically (and eventually / nearly unavoidably) a catch-all will just become a repository for TONS of spam (think dictionary attack...)

So, that being said, I think you probably need to clarify which thing you are talking about, unless you really are talking about both (2 separate cases, maybe?).
techdriveAuthor Commented:
This is a single mailbox. I would just like to exempt that mailbox from email hygiene in fortimail.
I know this might sound a little silly but... do you have Support with Fortimail?  I'm sure that if there is a way to do what you are asking, they would certainly be able to tell you and help you do it.

I've been looking through the admin guide, and my best guesstimate is that you can do this by creating a new recipient based policy...


Starting at page 315.  Page 317 shows a screenshot where it appears that you can just put the recipient's address, use wildcards for the address (if needed) and domains, and then just choose 'none' for the profiles to use for anti-spam.

However, I would strongly caution against exempting this recipient from anti-VIRUS filtering, though... obviously, that's a dangerous can of worms (possibly literally!) :)

Hopefully this helps!

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