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I have a MS SQL Server (2008 R2) running on server that is located in subnet a.a.a.a
My workstation (where management tools are installed) is located in subnet b.b.b.b

Now I can connect to the MS SQL Server instance from my workstation (by typing the servername\instance), however Im unable to find the server by browsing the network. Management Studio can 'see' all SQL servers that are located in same subnet with my workstation but unable to see the one in different subnet. Same applies to management tools on the SQL server itself (the one running in subnet a.a.a.a). Management studio on the server can 'see' it's own instance, but can not see the ones running in subnet b.b.b.b

What can I do to make browsing SQL servers from different subnet possible?
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somicoyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This issue was resolved by configuring WINS properly to servers in subnet a.a.a.a

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions.
lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
"however Im unable to find the server by browsing the network"

Besides the appropriate Windows NT login permissions on the network/subnets for the login you are using, those SQL servers must have SQL Browser service running however in my opinion that is not recommended even internal to the company.
make sure SQL browser is running and port 1433 and 1434 are open

You can also start the Management Studio using a short-cut with additional parameters specifying username and password of the other domain.
somicoyAuthor Commented:
On my firewall I have allowed (inbound):

I also tried allowing all incoming traffic, but that didnt help either.

I also do have SQL Browser service running.

Let me also clarify, all the servers are in same domain, same site (in active directory) and I am able to connect to database services remotely if I type the 'SERVER\INSTANCE' string to the servername field on Management Studio 'Connec to Server'-window.

However, if I select <browse for more...> from the dropdown menu and open the 'Network Servers'-tab , my server cannot be found from the list like the other SQL servers that are located in subnet b.b.b.b.

Any troubleshooting steps are welcome.
somicoyAuthor Commented:
Other comments did not point to the real issue.
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