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Hi guys,

A client needs to reinstall Abode Acrobat X which he purchased around a year ago. The copy we purchased for him only came with the licence key and not the CD.

Any idea where we can find Adobe Acrobat legacy downloads (have looked but haven't found anything yet)?
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melmitts707Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is an additional problem to consider, I recently reinstalled an older version of Photoshop. After the installation I got the normal popup that the software needed to be registered so I OK'd the online registration. Next I got a popup telling me the software couldn't be registered and the program terminated. After a few more failed attempts, I contacted Adobe customer service. I was told not all of their registration servers are up and running any longer. They kept pushing for the new Cloud/subscription while telling me they can't support software forever. After pointing out I purchased the CD and had a valid serial number to install the software. It was then suggested that I read the license agreement. I don't know where/when they decide to no longer support there software.
Servant-LeggieAuthor Commented:
Thanks, melmitts707. I wasn't aware it was such an issue to download a legacy download from them. Then again, Adobe are hardly renown for their generosity, at least in the circles I travel.

I'll advise the client that the best (and likely only) way forward is to get a new version and make sure they hold on to the installer this time!
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