2010 Ribbon - USysRibbon table as opposed to "Customize Ribbon" - New Tab

Why (in 2010) would I use USysRibbon table instead of "Customize Ribbon" - New Tab

I'm coming from Access 2003 (Professional Programmer) use to putting up a tool bar with reports otherwise not showing tool bars / Menus.

I'm researching Ribbons and trying to understand the nuances of the new tool.

I have a decent understanding of XML and understand the examples I've been looking at.

Customize Ribbon" - New Tab
I can create a Ribbon through "Customize Ribbon" - New Tab (Report - Options - Print / PDF /Email / etc) that I can call when previewing a report.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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mbizupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is an example of one of my earlier simple ribbon interfaces:
It uses callback functions in vba to handle populating the drop-down list, clearing selections and responding to click events.
First, to my understanding the Customize Ribbon feature makes changes to the ribbon that will appear in all of your databases, not just the current database.  Creating a uSysRibbons table lets you set up individual ribbon systems for different databases, and even separate ribbons for individual forms and reports.

Also, the from scratch approach (uSysRibbons) gives you a lot more flexibility for custom buttons with your own code in callback functions.  For example, I have used this approach to build on-ribbon form filtering systems (painful, but a good learning process with pretty cool results).

A lot of the Experts here also use a third party-tool for this called "Ribbon Creator"
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
if you create your own ribbon, you can put whatever you want, wherever you want, and have it display whenever you want.

With the "Customize" feature you are limited in this regard.
For example, you cannot add add SpellCheck to the "Create" tab easily,... You must create a new group first, then add Spell check to the new group..
Also with Customize, I don't think you can insert your own custom graphics...

But lets see what other experts post...


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... And this site is the ultimate resource for learning how to independently develop custom ribbons if you want to try your hand at ribbon development without the help of 'Customize Ribbon' or third party tools:


It contains examples of all controls, and brief code snippets showing how to program all of the different call back functions for each type of control.
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Connect With a Mentor Database ArchitectCommented:
"Why (in 2010) would I use USysRibbon table instead of "Customize Ribbon" - New Tab"

Because ... you cannot create your own 'Custom' Ribbon - to replace the Built In Ribbon with 'Customize Ribbon'. You can only Customize the Built In Ribbons with this, as well as the QAT. Microsoft provided NO built in tool to create custom ribbons, OR modify existing Right Click menus or create new ones.
So ... when you create a custom Ribbon - and you *should* use Ribbon Creator 2010 that mbizup pointed to - this will result in XML with must be put in the USysRibbon table.

IF ... a USysRibbon table is present when Access loads, then Access acts accordingly.

That ... is the difference

fyi to all.  I've spent a LOT of quality time with Gunter's Ribbon Creator 2010 (and 2013) tool. I have tried and tested all other known Ribbon tools as well. There is NO comparison. RC20xx is the de-factor standard tool ... and is Must Have!

And as mbizup noted, there is a LOAD of great info on Gunter's various sites, as well as about 30 sample dbs you can download (I downloaded all) showing all sorts of techniques.

This specific link to the Access 2010 Ribbon tool is Here
LJGAuthor Commented:
So - Everyone agrees ??

1) If I use "Customize Ribbon" - New Tab - it stays with my machine and does not go with the database when I ship it to a customer.

2) If I use USysRibbon table to build a ribbon -
       a) It stays with the database I built
       b) It's not available on my machine for the other database unless I import the table.

P.S. mbizup - Thanks for the graphic - I like your ribbon - (Love ideas)
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
The direct link to the sample dbs is Here

That location is not obvious.

DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
1)  Correct
2) a Correct
     b Correct
Agree on both points... it wasn't clear in my initial post, but Customize Ribbon affects the access environment... your access installation.  So it will affect all DBs on your machine, but not deploy with your databases.
LJGAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I have a much better understanding!
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