Cisco 505 needs port 443 open for webmail please help

I have a cisco 505 that needs a port (443) open and forwarding to the mailserver.  I have an A record created for this ( the webmail works inside but by with the server name only, not

can you help with this?  I'm only about to work in cli.


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Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:

also remember if you want to port forward 443 / https you need to disable the firewalls ASDM or change the port it uses (as it uses 443 by default)

Cisco Firewalls Changing the Web Management Port

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
This is two questions really :)

First to port forward 443 to the exchange server
Cisco PIX / ASA Port Forwarding

Then make your name resolve internally
Windows - Setting Up Split DNS

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
{deleted wrong q}
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