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Excel SumProduct or Macro Solution Help


Hoping someone can assist.  Please see attached sample.  I'd like a formula or macro that could the following 2 tasks:
1.  Based on the position selected in the Developers tab (cell B3) the code would match the position on the Open Position Date tab, and pull the appropriate number of positions in column J and place them in column F on the Developer tab.  For example, if Quarterback is selected, the code would return a 3 in column F since there are 3 Quarterback positions identifed in the other tab.

2.  The code would also subtract the numbers in column J and column K (in the Open Position Date tab) to provide the number of filled positions in column G in the Developers tab.

Any assistance in putting this together would be greatly appreciated.

1 Solution
barry houdiniCommented:
For 1 you can use a SUMIF formula, e.g. in F3

=SUMIF('Open Position Data'!G:G,B3,'Open Position Data'!J:J)

When I used that I got result 2 not 3 because "Quarterback" is misspelt in Open Position Data cell G5, so you need to correct that to get 3 as required

How do you define Total positions filled, is that just j minus K, if so then you can use two SUMIFs, e.g.

=SUMIF('Open Position Data'!G:G,B3,'Open Position Data'!J:J)-SUMIF('Open Position Data'!G:G,B3,'Open Position Data'!K:K)

or SUMPRODUCT like this

=SUMPRODUCT(('Open Position Data'!G:G=B3)+0,'Open Position Data'!J:J-'Open Position Data'!K:K)

regards, barry
EscanabaAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  Sorry for the delay I've been out of the office for a bit.
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