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I have restored my full backup on the secondary in norecovery mode and am now restoring about 100 or so T-Log backups in norecovery mode. My question is when I get to the last Transaction log can I restore the last log in Standby mode. Then let the Log Shipping jobs take over. Or should I have restored the Full backup in Standby mode from the start and not with NoRecovery.

Thanks In Advance
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lcohanConnect With a Mentor Database AnalystCommented:
In my opinion it depends why you setup log shipping that drives the scenario.
Do you want a stand by server, or is a database server migration, or is rather another SQL box where you need to connect in read-only mode and run some report queries for instance?

Only if you want it available in between T-log restores then use a StandBy otherwise use norecovery until the last T-log and Tail Log were restored on secondary.

And you should start in my opinion with a full database backup on primary(source) then do a restore on secondary(destination) and immediately after that restore is done ENABLE log shipping and let SQL take care of the rest.
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