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We issue checks to various entities each month, as many 300 at a time.  These transactions are created from a separate software program that exports that data in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet contains the name, address, amount, & invoice number.
The goal is to enter and print a batch of checks into QuickBooks from data contained in an Excel file.  

One challenge is that I have not seen a way to actually create a NEW check from imported data, but hopefully this is something I have missed.  Another challenge is that these checks are written to various entities that are not on any current list, (vendor, customer, or otherwise) in QuickBooks, in addition the entities change every month.  So the import would not only have to create a record for that entity but then write a check to the newly created entity as well and then allow us to batch print the checks.

Is there a way to import this Excel file in a way that will make the correct entries into the system and allow us to then print these checks?
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QBalance_QuickBooks_AdvisorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will want to purchase Transaction Pro Importer
This software will make it easy for you to do the import and
You will be able to import the checks as "to be printed"

However, You will also have to create a separate import to import the
names and addresses of the payees on the checks.

You will not be able to import in one pass both the payee record and the
transaction record.

The link above is for the desktop QB product line, there is a separate product for
QuickBooks online imports.

Linda Saltz
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