Drupal 7 Commerce Kickstart, existing site

I have a working Drupal 7 site and need to make it commercial with Commerce.
The client only offers 2 products; online or phone help with auto repairs. No shipping.
Is Drupal Commerce the way to go?
Is Kickstart the way to set it up?
Instructions say backup the site and then delete EVERYTHING prior to Kickstart install.
Then what? Reinstall the site files from backup?

Any advice or help is much appreciated.
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Aaron FeledyConnect With a Mentor Drupal Developer and ConsultantCommented:
Commerce Kickstart is a distribution of Drupal. Basically a fresh copy of Drupal with a bunch of modules pre-installed to help run an ecommerce site. Commerce-kickstart is basically something to use as a starting place to begin building your site.

Since you already have the site up and running, you could install the drupal commerce module on your existing site and configure it manually.

Depending on how complex the existing site is, or how familiar you are with configuring new modules, you may find it easier to start from scratch rather than try to learn all the ins and outs of Drupal Commerce. You could perhaps create a fresh install commerce kickstart, then install your theme from the current site, then use the node export module to migrate your page content over to the new site.
buddy711Author Commented:
Arrow_1 has been extremely helpful and patient with me (the NOOB).
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