Offsite Backups

Our tape drive is going out and I have been tasked with comparing offsite solutions against replacing the tape drive.

Our office is currently backing up about 6T of data. Doing a full on Friday and diffs during the week. We looked at offsite a few years back but the costs were extremely high and required a lot of bandwidth. We currently only have a 3M connection. I did inform management that it would have to be increased with any offsite solution.

We are a landscape design company and most of our data consists of CAD/GIS/Graphic files. So the need to get access to large files quickly would be an issue. I have seen some solutions where there is hardware placed at both locations but for the life of me I can't find any of that old paperwork and so far random searching is just getting me carbonite type solutions.
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Nice write up, liked it.

My initial questions are:

1. What backup solution do you employ? - Software type/version
2. Do you have disk to backup to now?
3. 6TB is this the total size of your production data? or is this you current backup size?

Ideally I would have preferred a disk-to-disk solution using cheap SATA disks/devices. Linux offers you a good backup and replication solution you can explore.

Create 2 NFS or ZFS volumes Primary/Secondary and replicate data between the 2 sites using an out of hours schedule so as not to impact the performance of your 3MB connection.
MonteIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
We backup to tape using a NEO 2000 32 Slot tape drive (which is dying) and Netvault (Now Quest) Bakbone software.

6T is the total or just a shade under. Unless we include an archive array then it would be 7.5T

The current array is damn near full (another story) so its pretty relative.

Pretty much since the economy took a dump there has been 0 budget for IT. It is not the way I like to do things, but have no choice. I am down to chewing gum and bailing wire.

I am not apposed to a disk based backup, except we still like to put tapes offsite from time to time and typically disk has cost more than drives especially with the plugins you need for the backup software. Though that may have changed. A new tape drive (LTO6) is looking to be around 8K
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"I am down to chewing gum and bailing wire".......that spilled my tea!

OK as I see you don't mind a disk based backup to replace the tape library, then this would be good for the local environment.

For off-site storage you will need either a tape drive or another disk device. Since this is backup a cheap disk solution should suffice. I don't know how much your overall budget is but consider having.

2 - Storage Server [HP MSA P2000/Dell PowerVault]
2 - Volumes NFS for the file share Local/Remote
2 - Linux servers Local/Remote Cluster for replication

Ideally the only cost will be 2 storage devices which can be as cheap as you require using SATA disks.

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Boyd (HiTechCoach) Trimmell, Microsoft Access MVPDesigner and DeveloperCommented:
I would recommend checking out Dell's Appasure solution  ( ) It doses de-duping to really cut dow the size of the backup.

It with also work with Amazon's cloud storage. Amazon Glacier service is a great long term storage service for $0.01 a gig/month!

I would recommend at least checking out a demo for Appasure to see what is possible.
MonteIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Both answers helped as far as giving me ideas to potential solutions for my client.
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