Remove "The Page at says:" within Popup

I have the following code that puts up a pop up when the user hits submit:
function submitForm()
  //perhaps some client validation here
  alert("Thanks for submitting.")
<input type="button" onclick="submitForm();" name="go" value="Go" />

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The pop up that then comes up is:
The page at says:

Thanks for submitting.

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How can I edit my script to remove the "The page at says:" part?
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Nathan RileyFounderAsked:
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Chris StanyonCommented:
You can't. That's the nature of javascript alert(). It's a security feature :)

Different browsers say different things (Chrome: The page at XXX says | IE: Message from webpage! )

Options are to put up with it, inject a message into the DOM (as per Cd's suggestion) or to use a third party message box, such as the jQueryUI dialog.
The problem is you are popping up an alert after the submit.

Just put a message in a hidden div and change the display property to block BEFORE you submit.

Or handle it from the server side by replying back with the message after you submit.

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