Combine 3 Sets of Data from Broken DFS

I have recently taken over management of one heck of a problem network.

One of the issues I discovered last night was DFS namespace is fully functional with 3 servers presenting the files, however replication has not worked in many months... Fun right...

Normally I would you Robo/Richcopy to combine multiple sets of files keeping newer files, however this is not as straight forward in this situation. There are files on all 3 servers that contain needed changes but do not match between the servers.

The question I have is this, with rich copy is it possible to set it so that when it finds files that are the same it skips them as normal archiving copy would, But when there are conflicting files keep all versions?

Kind of like when you use a normal windows copy in windows 7 it says the whole this file already exists, Overwrite, Don't Copy, or keep both.

Is this possible at all?
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SommerblinkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The short answer to your question is that this is not possible... the reason why is that there is no programmatic way to take say, three discrete copies of a single word document, and then merge the changes in chronological order, to produce a single coherent file.

Also, given your dilemma,  you may be using DFS in a non-supported configuration. Please refer to for more information.

The crux of the document is that DFS should never be used in places where a user or multiple users can access the data from more than one target, before data is guaranteed to replicate to the other targets.

This KB article came from this technet blog entry, which goes into further detail:
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