Calendar Component that Synchronizes with online calendar

I have a classic asp app online that my users keep track of their client information.  They have an older calendar feature available to them but most are now using online calendars to share the information between users.  Is there a component that I can add to my application that will allow them to synchronize their online calendar to one that is in my application?  For instance, some use Google calendar.  I'm leary of the whole Google privacy issue, but if that's my only option, I would possibly consider it.

Or better yet, a calendar component that I can add to my application that they can simply "share" between groups of users.

Platform - Windows Server 2008 using SQL Server 2008 and Classic .ASP pages for app

Fishing for ideas....TIA
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I use fullcalendar  It looks like google calendar actually. The key is you can use multiple data sources such as your own database by outputting json data (see and you can use google calendar as well.  The samples on the demo are based on google calendar.

The calendar is generated by javascript/jquery and the data is brought in typically by ajax/json data just a month at a time and it runs pretty quickly. I have used this in many of my applications.  There is a learning curve, but has been the best calendar project so far.

You would only use your asp code to generate the data page.   If you are just going to use google calendar data, you can do it all in html,css and js/jquery.

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OverthereAuthor Commented:
Thanks padas.  Is there a "sync" feature between this and Google calendar?

I need a "sharing" option along with viewing of the users "private" data as well.  So ultimately I need to be able to setup groups for sharing.  So if I have 100 users, but only 10 of them per group, I need all 10 of a group to see the shared info along with their own private info.  But again each of the 10 groups should not be able to see each others groups.  

Hope that makes sense because now I'm confusing myself!

I guess if I could do it all within the single calendar, there would be no need for Google.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
When I think of syncing, I envision Calendar A data merging with Calendar B.  Anything deleted in A gets deleted in B.  Anything added in B is added in A.   The most recent edit gets updated to the other calendar.  Syncing can be complex.

What you can do is use the calendar as a hub that simply reports data visually in squares.

If you have Group A,B, C where person 1-10 is in A, 11-20 in B and 21-30 in C.  Each person has calendar data in their google calendar.  You would use your own database where people can update that person 23 can see person 7's calendar.  Or All of group C and view Group B.

Now that person 23 logs in to your website, you know from the database they can see person 11 -20 and person 7.  You would simply make a call to the google api create a data feed of those 11 people and use that data feed to display on the calendar.  

Another option is setting up all the sharing in just in google and using google's oAuth, it will know that person 23 is able to see the other 11.  

2 ways to the same thing.  I hope that makes sense.
OverthereAuthor Commented:
Thanks - going to look into the Google api and decide from there.
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