Visio 2010 - How to center a title at the top of the page

I cannot find any Powerpoint-similar command that takes a heading at the top of the page and centers it relative to the entire  page.
Can someone tell me how I can center a text  title at the top of a page?
See graphic
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I don't think there is one. I just use the scale to adjust my titles on Visio diagrams.

You could also utilize the View tab, dynamic grid option.
Hi Netcmh,

Here's a crappy workaround, if eyeballing it isn't good enough. At worst, there's some tips to be learned in the steps:

1. Draw a rectangle across the top of the page, from the very left edge to the very right. (blue shape in illo)
2. Select this big rectangle first, then your shape. Do this by holding the Shift key, then clicking in order (ie: Shift + Click Blue, Click Orange). Note: By selecting the top shape first, you set the "anchor" for the alignment procedure in the next step.
3. Horizontally align your shape to the top shape: Home > Arrange > Position > Align Center
4. Hold the Shift key and move your shape up or down as desired. Shift will constrain the movement to horizontal or vertical, so you won't lose your alignment.
5. Delete the temporary "coast-to-coast" shape that you created in step #1, if not needed any more.

Your shape (orange) should now be fairly-well centered on the page!

top-center alignment

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On a related note, for all readers, you can customize the Ribbon or Quick Access toolbar with an older command called "Center Drawing".

1. Right-click the Ribbon and choose "Customize the Ribbon" or "Customize the Quick Access Toolbar".
2. Select "All Commands" in the drop-down list in the top-left of the "Visio Options" form.
3. Find "Center Drawing" in the lest and double-click it to send it over to the list on the right.
4. Arrange "Center Drawing" as desired in the list order, then click OK.

Center Drawing will center all shapes on the page, both horizontally and vertically, so it doesn't exactly solve the problem in the original post. UNLESS you are starting a new drawing and have only the title shape on the page. Then you can just Shift + Drag-shape-up (ie: constrain-horizontal/vertically-move the shape) and you'll have a top-centered title!
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
Absolutely, positively perfect.  Thanks!!!!
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