Adobe sendnow plugin for Outlook not working. Runtime error

We have a client that is trying to use the plugin Adobe SendNow to send large files via outlook 2007. The problem is the plugin won't start. It just says "the add-in could not start. runtime error"
I have already repaired outlook, re-installed the plug-in, Re-installed .net 3.5 , 4 and 4.5, re-installed VSTO and verified that the Primary Interlop Assembly was installed. still no luck.

Thanks in advance!
Jordan SmithAsked:
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Jordan SmithConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We are just going to reload the PC. The suggested solution is something i have already tried. Luckily, He can use the desktop application just fine.
Does he have an account with Adobe?
 to sign in to Adobe then send large files
Here is a help on using it
Use the free Adobe SendNow for Microsoft Outlook plug-in for Windows to send large files directly from Microsoft Outlook.
You can use the plug-in to handle all file attachments in Outlook, or just those attachments over a specified file size
please read on as it does contain a lot more information

If you have a basic Adobe SendNow account, you can send one attachment per message using the Adobe SendNow Outlook plug-in. If you have a premium subscription, however, you can send multiple attachments per message.
Jordan SmithAuthor Commented:
We resolved it ourselvs
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