Outlook 2010 stuck on 'upgrade in progress'


My client is running Outlook 2010 x86 on Win7 Pro x64.
As of this morning, Outlook has not been synching with his Exchange server (SBS2003).
I had a look and it seems that Outlook is trying to upgrade itself.
There is a notification about an new Hotmail connector being available as well, although this user does not use Hotmail with his Outlook.

Googling this didn't really help as the suggestions all pertained to Outlook in a POP3 scenario:
I downloaded the connector and installed it - problem persists.
I uninstalled the connector - problem persists.

One post suggested recreating the Outlook profile - I could not: Clicking on New kicks out an error, when coming back to the mail settings the new profile name shows, but I cannot configure it.
Inside Outlook clicking on the Account Settings does nothing.

Outlook is appears to be well and truly stuck.

I have not tried uninstalling Outlook yet as the install media was not accessible his afternoon - this is my next step, although I am strangley not altogether confident that this will help.

Has anyone else run into this issue?
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ezekielseyesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had the exact same issue yesterday :)
In my case I went to Control Panel - Programs and Features and was quite surprised that there still was an entry from Office 2007 besides Office 2010. I then searched for MS Word in C:\Program Files which was still there (and working!).
So I simply uninstalled Office 2007 (which I definitely did before). As soon as the entry was gone from within control panel, Outlook 2010 worked fine again.

If there is no old office version visible, you could nonetheless try to repair your current Office 2010 installation.
Have you tried a hardware reset? It sounds like it might be a network issue.
(I know this is probably the first thing you tried but you'd be surprised!)
AltraAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input:

LCCSAM: Hardware reset? As in the BIOS?

Ezekielseyes: There is an Office 2003 installation still on that machine, as far as I know. I'll remove it and see what happens.
AltraAuthor Commented:
Uninstalling Office 2003 and doing a repair on Office 2010 for good measure seemed to do the trick!
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