VPN configuration

I need some help with the setup of a VPN. This VPN has to be a PPTP
Here's the setup I am dealing with:
* Comcast SMC modem/router (currently used by client as only router)
* Cisco RV180 VPN route

Question is: how do I have to setup the Comcast router in order to install the Cisco VPN router
and also what is the best way to configure the Cisco RV180.

Thank you.
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I will be doing a little research on this and see if I can find an answer for you. AN help you set this up correctly. Give me a little time. To find take a look at some resources. An we will go from here.

TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
If your client wants to use the Comcast as a router, I'd create set up a "DMZ host" on it if it supports the feature. That would NAT all PPTP related traffic (both TCP and GRE) to the Cisco.


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HMBNETPCAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.
Understood. So the Comcast router is doing the routing and the Cisco is just setup as a VPN server, correct?
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TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
I'm not sure about the capabilities of the Cisco, but I'm not sure if it can be used in a 'server' mode, like:

Open in new window

I'm fairly sure you could get away with a chained setup like:

Open in new window

This would do double NAT, so it's a bit less pretty, but if the client wants that extra router in there...
HMBNETPCAuthor Commented:
The client doesn't really mind 1 or 2 routers.
I am not sure if i can do it with the Comcast router alone, or can I?
TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
Well, does the Comcast provide VPN functionality? Can you provide a model number?
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