visio 2010 - Creating Precisely measured Shapes

Is there any way to see the measurements of your shape as you're creating it.  (Example:  You're dragging a rectangle or a oval and want to know the height and width.
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Visio_GuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi BroTru,

Look down in the status bar, at the lower-left of the Visio window. You should see Width and Height of rectangles and ovals as you draw or resize them. With lines, you see length and angle.

For added fun (and utility) click on that status bar (like on the Width or Height display) and up will pop the Size & Position window. This shows you more info as you resize shapes, and more importantly, lets you precisely enter size, orientation and position info numerically!

Visio Size and Position window in action
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
Just what I needed.  Thanks.
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