Windows 7 Aero Peek outllok 2010 windows reminder not working correctly

I have a user who noticed that when he hovers over the outlook icon on the taskbar it will display a preview windows (normal)  if he has any windows reminders set the preview window displays he can not select to open that window, it just disappears.
However he can red x and close the preview  windows for windows reminders, if there are open emails he can select with no issues they open.
All other programs work no issue.

OS and outlook fully updated
Did an inbox repair
Unchecked use aero peek to preview desktop - had no affect it still displayed

2 questions
1. Why, what the heck is happening - obvious something corrupt but what
2. My preview windows display as a list - where can you change this setting

Thanks for your help
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I believe that is also normal the reminder window in outlook runs in the background and being part of outlook is just a popup.
Just like the junk mail message will not show in the thumbnail preview either
To my knowledge that is because it is actually part the host programs
but as always it could be other things,
This explains how the aero behaves with windows
and this explains how several pages could be on top of each other,
for example
Long introduction short …
Hold the CTRL button when clicking on the application in your Taskbar.
Windows 7 will now automatically bring you back to the last window you were in for that application.
ssaverAuthor Commented:
Every other machine I have the aero window that show when hovering over the task bar works correctly- choose it and it open on the desk top. This is not the reminder window that pops up on the desktop by itself that I am referring to.
 Understand how aero Peek works -there is just something corrupt with his reminder function - since it works fine with open emails.

Ctrl and Click - no joy - that function works if it you have opened a document or email and minimized it. Since we can not get the reminder window to open ( just disappears) that does not work.
But -I will use that link to show users that function, always had trouble explaining - thanks

ssaverAuthor Commented:
I discovered it works fine in safe mode
I tried a repair of office from the programs in control panel>  no joy
Display driver is updated

It's just in regular mode
>the windows reminder box does not pop up - on desktop
>but it does show as shadow behind Outlook icon on the task bar
>If you hover it Outlook icon it appears above
>if you select if does not open it just disappears but you can red X it closed from the image that pops up with hover.
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ssaverAuthor Commented:
tried outlook/cleanreminders  - no joy

Does anyone know if I run "outlook /resetfolders" does it wipe the folders that the user created?
I know it resets the folders but does it wipe the folders that the user created?
Hi, lol was just thinking you asked and by the time we get back I hope you have used good sense,
I'd make a backup first
Since you don't see this reminder window( ie it disappears) maybe a problem with the reminder itself?
Going on the first one see if this helps:
Make sure you ran the clean/reminders correctly
Start Outlook using the switch command and check if reminders work.
To do that, close Outlook.
Go to Start, click on All Programs and Accessories and then Run.
 In the Run open box, type in ‘Outlook /cleanreminders’ and hit ok.
(Note: There is a space between Outlook and /).
Source, there is a few more to try if you have not already done so.
Forgive the links but I can't test it for you
Outlook 2010 calendar reminders are not popping up.
ssaverAuthor Commented:
Funny last night i said before going further make a copy of PST.
Thanks did run correctly but will try again

I saw that link and tried to create new profile would not take - I had other more pressing matters crash in other office so said Monday is a good day.  Will let you know  something corrup in calander.
ssaverAuthor Commented:
Ok I figured it out and it is more of a ID10T error.

The user has a notebook and an external monitor. For over a year they were set up mirrored.
He decided to split the screen last week. I have been working on this system since he got new and when eh added the monitor so I never thought to look on the notebook screen which he keeps closed. So the id10t error is on me even though he never mentioned that fact to me.
Today I open the notebook and there it was the disappearing reminder.
Arrrrrrrg and red faced.

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ssaverAuthor Commented:
I figured out the issue
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