Printing large A/P check tuns in Quickbooks

We are about to move our parent company from an old version of Master Builder to Quickbooks Premier Contractor Edition 2014.  We have experience with Quickbooks from our smaller companies that run a few checks a month. The parent company does large check runs of 20-50 checks at a time.

Master Builder used blank check stock and printed MICR data and numbers on the fly. As far as I can determine, Quickbooks only supports using pre-printed / pre-numbered check stock. This isn't a problem when running a few checks, but is cumbersome for large check runs.

Why you ask?  The HP Laser Jet 2040 that we use for checks requires that the check stock be loaded in the tray upside down. If you take a stack of pre-printed checks out of the box and put them in the tray upside down, the highest number is on top and gets printed first. This is a problem.

The work around, is to physically re-order the checks in the stack so when upside down the lowest number is on top. This is cumbersome and not something the A/P staff wants to do on a daily basis.

We can't be the only company in the world doing large check runs in Quickbooks. How do others handle this issue?

Are there good quality laser printers on the market that feed forms from the top side?

Do you order your check stock printed in reverse order?

Do you hire a minimum wage check sorter?

Something I haven't thought of yet???

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Definitely order check stock in reverse order. Every supplier of
Checks will have this as an option.

However you also asked which printers feed from face up.
I have had HP printers since the early 90's and all of them have
fed from the face up.   Please be sure to confirm before purchasing.

There are 3rd party check software add-ons that will print to blank stock from
quickbooks.   Google "quickbooks check printing software" for a list.

Linda Saltz
BRT-TechAuthor Commented:
Thank you Linda.

Interesting comment about your HP Lasers.  We've had LJ-III's LJ-4's and most recently the LJ3020dtn and a big MFP that I can't recall the number of. All of them feed stock face down from the paper tray.

What models have you been using? And are you referring to a paper tray, or the manual feed?
BRT-TechAuthor Commented:
I would have been happy to award all the points to Linda should she simply come back to this question and answered my last question.

Since 10 days later she did not and no one else has offered a solution would the moderator please close this question and refund the points.

Thank you.

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BRT-TechAuthor Commented:
Never got a response to follow-up question
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