DatePart question - add 1 day to final date on the filename

'Setup the Date parts so that we can incorporate into the file name

The script below when run, outputs the filename with today's date.   i.e., Merge10102013.txt.  I would like to be able to run it today and have tomorrow's date in the file name, i.e. Merge10112013.txt.

What changes can I make?  The DatePart script is listed below:

MM = DatePart("M", Date)

If Len(MM) = 1 Then
      MMM = "0" & MM
      MM = MMM
End If

DD = DatePart("D", Date)

If Len(DD) = 1 Then      
      DDD = "0" & DD
      DD = DDD
End If

YY = DatePart("YYYY", Date)

D = MM & DD & YY
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lluddenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
d = Format(Date + 1, "MMDDYYYY")
Ken ButtersCommented:
try using just this in place of above code:

Dim D As String
D = Format(Format(Date + 1, "MM/dd/yyyy"), "MMddyy")

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