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'Setup the Date parts so that we can incorporate into the file name

The script below when run, outputs the filename with today's date.   i.e., Merge10102013.txt.  I would like to be able to run it today and have tomorrow's date in the file name, i.e. Merge10112013.txt.

What changes can I make?  The DatePart script is listed below:

MM = DatePart("M", Date)

If Len(MM) = 1 Then
      MMM = "0" & MM
      MM = MMM
End If

DD = DatePart("D", Date)

If Len(DD) = 1 Then      
      DDD = "0" & DD
      DD = DDD
End If

YY = DatePart("YYYY", Date)

D = MM & DD & YY
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d = Format(Date + 1, "MMDDYYYY")
try using just this in place of above code:

Dim D As String
D = Format(Format(Date + 1, "MM/dd/yyyy"), "MMddyy")

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