Failed SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 Migration

Hi - we have attempted to upgrade an SBS 2003 server to a new SBS 2011 server and are getting failure in the migration process.  We have run through the guide here and followed it to a t but still failing.    Have wiped the SBS2011 server once and tried the migration a second time but same failure point.
 I have attached the sbssetup.log file.  We have put a call into microsoft but haven't received a call back yet.  
Currently trying the migration with WSUS disabled on source server as suggested on multiple sites with same issue.
Can you assist?
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thecomputerplaceConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks alanhardisty for the guide.  Thats a great resource.  

We were able to resolve this problem with one of two changes.  
1. Disabled WSUS service and GPO's on the SBS2003 box prior to starting migration.  
2. Generated a blank answer file filling in only the source, destination and gateway IPs.  

The migration prep tool bawked about KB939820 which we had installed initially and after each System State restore and also setting administrator group permissions on the default domain controller policy for "logon as a batch job", which we also did.  
Dcdiag, netdiag all showed no issues as well as SBS Best Practices Analyzer.

Glad to have the first part of this completed!
thecomputerplaceAuthor Commented:
thecomputerplaceAuthor Commented:
Forgot to mention - process of restarting this migration is to restore the SBS 2003 system state, wipe the SBS 2011 box and install SBS 2011 from scratch then run through the migration assistant option during SBS2011 install.
Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
Lots of "Run the migration preparation tool on the source server" errors.

Have you run the tool?

I always use Demazter's guide and never have any problems migrating from SBS 03 to SBS 11

thecomputerplaceAuthor Commented:
While the guide is thorough and helpful I didn't see it mention the fix for our scenario.  We found the suggestion on another forum.  thanks for the guide and quick response, always very helpful!
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