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Hi All,

I have a satellite pro laptop using win7 pro.

I currently have 2 monitors hanging off it - 1x VGA, 1x HDMI

Question - is there a device I can add (probably externally) to use 3 screens?

Natively the machine will only let me use 2, if I open the laptop I do not have any feed to the laptop screen.

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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
The Matrox Dual-Head-2-Go and Triple-Head-2-Go adapters work very well:

... and allow you to maintain the performance of your laptop's adapter.

There are several different editions with slightly different features sets:

A less expensive -- but potentially more difficult to configure and almost certainly lower performance (depending on what you're displaying that may not matter) -- is to use an external USB adapter, as mentioned above.     There are several choices here:
With a VGA or HDMI splitter.

What happens if you press Windows Key + P? Or the Fn Key and then I think its F5 but it has a monitor icon on it.

Also, can you open up Display properties in Control panel and duplicate across all 3 displays? Does it recognize all 3 displays in the display applet?
There are a number of devices that will support extra monitors through a USB device. Shintaro make a USB to HDMI extender that will let you add an extra monitor via USB. I had a client that was running 2 monitors of the inbuilt graphics card and an extra via a external USB device. If you search for USB to HDMI in google it should bring up a number of options.
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