need a hierarchical date last mod on Windows

I have a directory tree that goes 5-6 levels deep with folders containing a couple of hundred files each.  In short, below the top level folder I may have 100,000 files.

This is Windows 2003.

I need to find the age of the youngest file under this hierarchy.  In other words the date of the most recent file.

How can I do this and get a simple answer that shows on the same screen as the command window where I issue the command?  In other words, I don't want to actually get the date on all these and throw them into Excel and sort.

These machines don't have perl or anything non-Windows.
Gene KlamerusTechnical ArchitectAsked:
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Onn LightSAP Technical ConsultantCommented:
Dear klamerus

Keeping things simple considering your directory path is "D:\Mydir", executing the below in windows command prompt will give you the desired result.

DIR  D:\MyDir /S /O-D /P /A-D

Open in new window

/S is for  Displaying files in specified directory and all subdirectories.
/O-D  is for Ordering files by date in descending order (newest first)
/P is for pausing for each page (use Ctrl+C to terminate the result)
/A-D is for displaying only files and not folders

Thanks and Regards

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