Is there a camera that lets you overlay your own image on the viewfinder?

As a hobby, I re-take old photos and then produce an animated disolve between the old and new to show how the scene has changed over the past 50-150 years and then post them on the web. The trick is to determine where the original photographer stood when they took the shot and then frame it a closely as possible to the original.

Currently, I use a Canon Ti4 (but am lusting after an Olympus OM-D E-M1).

I'd love to be able to overlay a custom image on top of the image displayed in the viewfinder. I'm thinking this would make it much easier to re-frame the shots. Currently, I snap dozens & dozens of variations hoping that one is close enough to use.

Canon have a Windows utility that lets you control the camera from your PC via the USB cable. It has lots of features including the ability to overlay your own image over the app's viewfinder window and adjust the alpha. I'd love to have this feature onboard the camera.

Do any cameras have this ability?
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As far as I know, no. There are a number of cameras that have various versions of Live View, and some that can overlay two images, but none that I am aware of that have the capability to overlay a partially-transparent image over what's visible on live view.

There is some language in the description of the Nikon D700 that sort of hints at that, but I think mostly it's a reference to their overlay of horizon leveling element, not a picture already on camera.

Yes I have seen this type of business looks really good.Superimpose?
Like these
Vintage Photos of New York Superimposed onto Present Day
Unless you have a shot of the old version with the new on the camera I can't see how you would achieve this, unless you used a smaller image and added it the main
But I believe there is no camera does this type of details
according to the manual
the only feature is this feature>Live Histogram
The live view has two modes:
1.Full frame display with optional live histogram display
2.Zoomed display showing a portion of the frame at 100% magnification (actual pixels)

I dare say you need a photo editor Like Photoshop,
The 'Then and Now' Photo Process: Tips, Ideas and Options

Maybe you can get some insights from these images, click on one you like and then navigate to that website

if it helps
I use a tool called Merge, it's free experiment with it, you need to really focus on which image is front and rear sometimes I get a bit lost with the navigation but it works well
With MERGE you can blend part of a source image to the destination
MERGE is a freeware graphic utility for overlaying two images in any relative position prior to saving the result to a file. You can merge the two images in many different ways.

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