Access popup form label to show value from calling form

I have two forms -- a main form for a lawsuit, with a command button that opens a popup form to enter detail about defendants in the case. Have a label on the popup that I want to populate with the value of a control on the calling form (txtCaseName). I'm trying code on the popup form's Open event like "lblRelatedCase.Caption = frmcasesmain.txtcasename.Text". As you can tell, it's not recognizing my reference to the form or the control on the form. Hoping to give the user a visual reference back to the case they're entering data for.

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The reference should be


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iamdaedalAuthor Commented:
Well done! Appreciate the quick response. You going to be up later? I will be working into the night and may be back for more... :)  Thanks a ton!
Good morning!  - Missed your reply :-)

I think I called it a night shortly after posting here.

Glad to have helped.
By the way, welcome aboard!  Just noticed that you are new here :-)
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
You can also "build" the expression using the Expression Builder.
If you select the property that you need the expression in and press ctrl+F2
You will be presented with a graphical/Hierarchical interface that will allow you to easily navigate to any object in your database, and the expression is built for you...
Expression Buider
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