Printing over WAN with Zero Clients

I recently implemented VMware View Zero clients.  These zero clients are communicating from our remote satellite offices back to the corporate data center via 3MB MPLS using the PCoIP protocol.  When a zero client user prints, this job has to travel from the corporate data center (the true location of their PC image) back to the printer in the remote office.  Our print jobs are very large and it takes an obscene amount of time to print.  Generally, I would install the printer on the local PC and the issue is resolved but in this case there is no true "local" machine.  It also wouldn't help to share the printer from a local print server because again the true location of the computer it at the data center.

Is there anything I can do to speed up printing over the WAN.  Or perhaps send job from the zero client itself direct to the printer?

Any help or ideas would be great.  What am I missing?!
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wyliecoyoteukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't install the driver on the Zero client, and even if you could, the file is on the server anyway.
So by and large, no.
What might make it a little better is to change the printer driver settings on the server.
On the advanced tab, set Spooling to "start printing after last page has been spooled" the printing will start later, but it will probably finish faster.
Also, try disabling bidirectional support in the ports tab.
You could also (depending on the printer) reduce the print resolution, 200DPI is fine for most documents.
Again, depending on the printer, some printers have hard disks, so enabling print spooling on there will speed things up. Some Postscript printers allow PDFs to sent directly without pre-rendering (they can be compressed for faster transmission), and some allow jobs to be submitted via FTP.
Nagendra Pratap SinghCommented:
There must be a printer which is somewhat local to this virtual PC. Perhaps something on a LAN.
jmlernerAuthor Commented:
That is correct but the printer that would be local to the virtual OS is not where the terminal is.
Maybe I over complicated the question with too many details, This of it this way... I'm in Kentucky and want to print to a printer in Indiana over 3mb MPLS and it's extremely slow. Printing to a local LAN printer doesn't do me any good, I need to print over the wan to another location.
jmlernerAuthor Commented:
That is what I figured.  I was hoping somebody out there knew something I didn't.
Thanks for the points!
Two other settings that might help speed things up a little,(again on the server)
in ports tab, disable "bidirectional communication" in the port settings, disable SNMP.
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