What is the best way to track laptops that already have built-in 3/4G.

We are in need of tracking laptops that have built-in 3/4G. We have been told that the mobile broadband cards are GPS capable.

Is there an option available that doesn't require use of the 3/4G service but can still show the GPS location of the laptop at any time? The challenge we have is that there are 50 laptops using a shared data plan. If we set all of them to be connected all of the time our fear is that the data plan will have overages, etc...

Ideally we would like an application that not only tracks where the laptop is located, but can send "reports" showing application activity and web history. I may need to open a separate question for this request.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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1mdConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I think there are quite a few applications that can do what you want, there is an article on techradar.com:

Poly11Author Commented:
Thank you! PreyProject.com is exactly what we're looking for.
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