Adding a slider to a content type in drupal 7

Dear experts,

I was wondering, I created a content type with like five field collections. I was wondering, how difficult is to add an slider or a page to go trough each field inside the field collection?

I am trying to use jquery, but it seems I need to create a module and add it there... could you please give me couple guidelines?


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HagayMandelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I haven't played with it myself, but it seems that the flex slider views, will enable you to display additional fields (additional to the image field).
You can also build a view (of flex slider images), and have an attachment to it based on the actual displayed  image using contextual filter
Read more here.  and have a look at this implementation.
I think you'll find flex slider to be an interesting solution,
Here is a tutorial on using it in a content type.
glepizaAuthor Commented:
Hello Hagay,

That one sounds like a good option, but I am not sure if it can do what I am looking for.
for example, on one of my field collections, I have the following:

Field Collection: hostels
Fields inside field collection:

So, you can add as many hostels as you want, but I would like it to be displayed as an slider, but it seems that flex slider is only used for images....
glepizaAuthor Commented:
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