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Hi All,

I have a question on a WCF Service.

Lets say I have a customer that is sending me a set of transactions. Those transactions deal with cars.

And I know this is in a soap message but let's say the list of transactions are like something in simplistic terms like:

Cavelier, 1986, 10000, damaged
GMC Sierra, 2013, 40000, new
Dodge Ram, 2014, 45000, new
Lexus IS300, 2006, totaled

How would the operationcontract for that submission be done? Is that a LIST object of the operation contract and then I would have to iterate through the LIST?

Any information on that would be greatly appreciated.

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bhmahlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would need to create a DataContract for the car object.  You would create your class and give it the [DataContract] attribute.  Then in your method, you can accept an array or list of car object so...

public string AddCars(List<Car> cars);
It is all how you want to set it up.  If you create a car object, you can then setup your method to take a list of cars and then iterate through them when you receive it.  It all comes down to how you define it.
davismAuthor Commented:
What is the standard way? As with a wcf service is it not coming across as a soap message (so basically an XML).

In addition, if I had a car object would not the WSDL create a complex-type and a sequence?

So if I have something like, for example:

string CarList(objCar ListCar)

Would that handle it? Or would I need something like:

string CarList(List<objCar> ListCar)

The first is accepting the object but the second is accepting the list (or array) of the object.  I would think the second one but I'm not completely sure. I have been told the first one will be good because the WSDL shows the complex type and the sequence.
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davismAuthor Commented:
Yep, have the DataContract with all the DataMembers for the car object.

I just was not completely sure on the "List<Car> cars" or just the "Car cars" part of the operation contract.

So, if I do not have the "List<Car> cars" it would not process multiple transactions even though the WSDL has the Complex type and the sequence?
davismAuthor Commented:
Does anyone have and information on this? I'm not seeing how it is possible but am I missing something? I have to think I am.
davismAuthor Commented:
I am not finding much information on the ComplexType and the Sequence. It's in the XSD, yes, but that is generated from teh VS and Addition of the Service Reference. I have seen if you have a string, int or something like that it will create a simpletype but when you use an object or array (which is an object) it will create a complextype.

All-in-all, the LIST will need to be done.

Really appreciate the information.

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