Excel 2007 wont poplulate data

Hi All,

Been raking my brains for a few days now.

Made a custom image of windows 7 to deploy through wds. All works sweet, apart from the fact that when you try to run ONE specific macro enabled excel doc (EATON.xlsm), it doesnt populate the data. This exact macro runs almost 15 other workbooks and works exactly how it should. Also, if you run EATON.xlsm on mine or any other machine it works, ONLY PCs with my new custom build, have this problem

I have been through setting in excel to try and see something.
The only thing i can think of is, that its because I made my Reference Machine with a VM? Although it shouldnt make a difference

Thanks in advance guys!


old buildNew build
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unknown_routineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
go to VBA code and put a breakpoint at Workbook_open

Does code break there?

Also make sure latest service pack for office is installed on these PC's(SP3)
xObIAAuthor Commented:
Thanks man! Installed SP3 before i read this but that was the sloution so heres ya points!
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