Bridging with router

I have been setting up a bridge between a MikroTik router(RouterBoard 750GL) and a wireless AP(RouterBoard RB751U-2HnD).
I have been following the guide for BCP bridging ( ... l_bridging))
I have then added a DHCP server on the Bridge interface on the 750GL which is also running the PPTP server.
The devices connects and communication between them works great using static IPs.
The problem is that when on the PPTP client side of things, DHCP offers never reach the clients. It seems it is not sent to the PPTP ports

I connect a computer to the RB751U-2HnD, the DHCP server on the 750GL offers a lease, and then nothing else happens. The computer seems to never recieve any lease offer...
I have now been sitting with this for about 7 hours and have no more ideas. DHCP works great on the 750GLs physical interfaces.
Is DHCP over PPTP even possible?

Apreciate any help you guys can offer.

Im running RouterOS 6.4
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Mike RoeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a site for doing this.  The OS is older but you should get the idea

You also need to make sure you have GRE enabled on firewall if it is involved with your network
Aries4033Author Commented:
The only thing that ended up needing to be done was to downgrade the OS
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