Open DNS/Spam question

This is something I've been pondering, what is to stop spammers using free/open dns rather than trying to compromise email addresses to use as a relay?
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the_endjinnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is nothing in the SMTP protocol to stop you from using any email address you like. I could send email from your email address if I knew what it was.

Additions like SPF, if implemented on the receiving server, can help verify that the email was sent by the domain owners however it's not faultless.

Spammers tend to use a variety of techniques, if they can compromise relays then it makes things easier but they could also just use a bunch of other compromised machines to run any service they wanted.
Hi Silas,

Please add a bit more detail to your question, what part of SMTP email are you suggesting is compromised by open DNS servers?

Silas2Author Commented:
I thought that spammers might just use an opendns address to send from (i.e. a mailserver using that address) rather than keeping on trying to crack our email addresses to use as relays.
Silas2Author Commented:
Yes, I suppose, i just thought those free/open dns servers would be a spammers gift, I can't work out why they bother with all that email-account-cracking stuff.

But even with SPF, open/free dns you can put a domain on top with almost no hassle.
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