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Microsoft Office Access

i have two seperate access database files that i cannot access. when i try to open either one it says unrecogenized database format. when i tried to compact and repair, it says the same thing. how can i get back into these databases?
1 Solution
Dale FyeCommented:
What version of Access are you using to attempt to access these files, and what version were they created in (is the file extension .mdb or .accdb)?
Are the files accdb's or mdb's?  What version of Access are you trying to open them in?

My first thought would be to try to open the files in the same version of Access that they were created in (or higher).  For example, you might see this error opening a 2010 database in 2007.
HomelandSecureITAuthor Commented:
They were created in 2003 and they are .mdb extension.
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HomelandSecureITAuthor Commented:
i've tried opening them in 2003, 2007, and 2010
Did any features specific to newer versions of Access inadvertently get added during development in Access 2007, 2010 or 2013?

 when i tried to compact and repair, it says the same thing.

If you can get to the compact and repair option, it sounds like you can open them, but not use them as you would like.  Is that correct?

If you open the databases, holding the shift key down while opening them, are you able to see tables, queries, forms, etc?
If you can see the database objects, try creating a fresh new database and importing all of the objects from the corrupted version.
HomelandSecureITAuthor Commented:
i can't see anything. it says unrecogenized database format. when i click ok, it goes away and no database opens. i can click the database tools tab to try and compact and repair a file that i search for, but it still says the same thing.
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)PresidentCommented:
Download JETCOMP.EXE from here:

Jet compact utility is available in download center

  It attempts to compact and repair the DB without first opening it as a JET DB, so it can sometimes work where the normal C&R won't.

 If that doesn't work, I would try using a later version of Access to try and open the DB, just in case someone did that and it converted.

If that fails, then your only options are a backup, or a recovery/repair service out on the net.

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
1. The files my be corrupt to the point where Access cannot recognize them.
(Bad news)

2. Unfortunately, also, these files could be anything...
You can create a text file and name it MyDatabase.mdb, ...and open it with Access and get the same error...
(I doubt this though, ...if the files were working at some point...)

At what point did these files stop working... Do you have a backup of the last known good version...?
(To be sure, check with your NA about what gets backed up)

HomelandSecureITAuthor Commented:
i will be restoring from backup.
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