VB.Net linq dataset to xml using Linq

Is there a good example WITH the imports of using linq to query a dataset and geterate xml in .Net 4.0?
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Rikin ShahConnect With a Mentor Microsoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:
Ohh.. I totally got it wrong... My bad!!

You need to import System.Xml.Linq
Rikin ShahMicrosoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:

You will find all examples here-
lrbristerAuthor Commented:
  This is why non experts  like myself don't like links.
And it's not that we don't appreciate being "stretched" to learn by going through the documentation either.

With that said...

My question was what Imports (And by inference References) do I need.

I found code examples on that link earlier today

I'm getting NO indication of what I need to put the XDocument in play or whether it's possible in .Net 4.0 instead of 4.5

Please see my screen print
lrbristerAuthor Commented:
OK. I did that after I added the reference as well
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