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We currently have OWA/Active Sync residing on the same server as our main corporate website which is open to the public. URL - www.COMPANYNAME.com/exchange.......We are moving our corporate site to a hosted solution (i.e rackspace, godaddy, etc). Question is what steps are necessary to insure our OWA/Active Syncs connections remain working? Advice on move?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
You don't really have much option but to change the host name.
Poor decision in the past to use the same server for public and private data has now come back to bite you.

What I would do is a change the SSL certificate for a UC type. Normally these are used for Exchange 2007 and higher. You will need to do a regular request, then in the SSL provider add additional host names.
Decide on the new host name to use and make it the common name (mail.example.com).
Add www.example.com as an additional name at the SSL provider. The certificate will then cover both.

You will then have a period where nothing has changed, but you are getting the users to change the host name used for everything, particularly ActiveSync.
Then when you swap the hosts round, you can redirect /exchange to the new host name.

I cannot see anything else that would work without impacting on the search engine data for the existing public web site.
I also cannot see any method to ensure ActiveSync works without the users doing anything, simply because you are seperating the traffic.

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