PPTP connection through Cisco 2851 not working

Hi, im trying to connect to a PPTP through this 2851 to a remote site, It starts to connect then it freezes at Username and password. The PPTP definately works because home users can connect without a problem. But when we try connecting inside this office the connection fails. Our ISP supports GRE, im kind of stumped with this one, I have other offices connecting with out a hitch.. any help would be appreciated. (attached is the sho run)
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Jody LemoineConnect With a Mentor Network ArchitectCommented:
Access list 103 is definitely the problem. It's restricting traffic to only internal IPv4 addresses, which will block all traffic from the Internet. The PPTP symptom indicates that GRE isn't being passed. Your outside ACL has it covered by an object group, but your inside ACL is dropping it
Craig BeckCommented:
Remove ACL 103 from the inside interface and see if that allows the PPTP VPN to work.  I'm thinking you're missing something from access-list 103...
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