Issues with Outlook 2010 Calendar Changing days of Events

We have an executive admin who is an assigned delegate for our company's CEO. There have been several occasions when the admin will add an "all day" event spanning multiple days (i.e. a business trip) to the CEO's calendar and then also send invites to place the same event on other people's calendars (for informational purposes). The next day when the admin looks at their calendar, and the CEO's calendar the event has been pushed back 1 day. Meaning the event/meeting was originally scheduled for Tuesday through Thursday is now scheduled for Wednesday through Friday. Then when the Admin move the event back to the proper date range the system will still sometimes move the event back to the wrong day. The most recent example was this week and the CEO did not change time zones for this trip.

We are running Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2010, the CEO has both an iPhone and iPad that are connected to the Exchange server via ActiveSync through MaaS 360. Both iOS devices are currently running iOS 7 but this issue has been going on since before they upgraded from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

Any ideas as to why Outlook/Exchange is doing this? As well as any solutions for how to resolve it? To my knowledge no one else is having this issue with their calendars.
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Basically, Outlook keeps appointments in UTC time which is then translated into local time by Windows. In other words, the displayed time isn't determined by Outlook at all but by the OS on the displaying computer or device. The same is also true of the input because Outlook will convert the local time on the inputting machine into UTC to begin with.
Presuming that Microsoft and Apple are compatible, the most likely source of your problem would be the OS time zone set on an inputting device. If some one tries to enter California times (or dates) while the OS is on Tokyo time the resulting UTC times stored by Outlook will be wrong.
jdharm66Author Commented:
I understand what you are talking about with regards to the time zone being adjusted based on events that have times attributed to them but most of the issues we are experiencing are set as "all day" events where there is no time frame allocated to the event.
I don't believe it is possible to have an event without a time. An all day event would probably start either at a default time which you set for when you start your day or at midnight. The date of the event will be the date at the start time. So, there is indeed a time by which the date is decided and this time should be recorded in UTC with all the consequences already discussed.

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