Pointing to external IP from local DNS server

Not sure the title spells it out correctly but here's my problem...

     My local domain is "cool.org" and my web routable domain is "bogus.org". We have a couple of subnets here 10.5.1.x and 10.7.1.x, all of our data machines sit on the .5 subnet, and our phone system machines sit on the .7 subnet.
     One of the phone system's machine is an appliance for conference calling which sits at, that machine has to have a DNS record attached to it, so both people from inside and outside of the company can get to it easily, from the outside it's easy enough we just pointed a sub domain host "test.bogus.org" dns record to our WAN ip adress and then forwarded the packets to, from the inside, obviously, we didn't want to go out to the web to come back in, so I created a forward/backward looking zone on the DNS server to point "test.domain.bogus" internally, which all works very well.
    So now from the outside if people ping "test.domain.bogus" they see our external WAN address, and from inside they see the local Good!
     The only problem is that "domain.bogus" is actually used outside to forward www. requests to one of our partners sites, which work from the outside world just fine, but within my network it doesn't, obviously, because I have the "domain.bogus" forward looking zone but no records for the www. portion, just the sub domain "test.bogus.org"
    So this should be easy enough, I just need when people from within my network try to go to www.bogus,com to actually get there, right now if you try to ping it you just get: "Ping request could not find host www.bogus.com", again obviously because there are no such records on my local DNS server and the requests dies there as there is a "bogus.org" forward looking zone, but hell if I can figure out how to do that! I created an A host record for "www." (with the right outside IP adress) and then a backward zone for the external IP as well, but no go.
     I know I'm missing something really easy here!
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
so you added a www record for the bogus.com zone which points to the external IP address of bogus.com.  Did you refresh DNS, on the client side did you perhaps try doing these commands and test again.

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns

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Or flush cache on DNS server ?

Windows :

Dnscmd ServerName /clearcache

Open in new window

Marvio_SantosAuthor Commented:

Not even kidding you man, 2 minutes after I posted this I figured it out! :) I was complicating thing a bit too much, basically the backward looking zone was confusing the DNS server, I just deleted that and kept the WWW. record and everything worked :) I'll give you the points though...
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Glad you got it working!!

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