VOIP VLAN and Subnet using HP 2910al

I want some advice on the best configuration for my LAN in preparation for an upcoming Mitel 5000 VOIP system installation. I currently manage a network with one secure subnet on using an ACL on one of my HP 2910al layer 3 switches. Ideally I want to create another subnet soley for VOIP. VLAN 1 default is for users and they are assigned an IP via DHCP scope -, the second scope is -, this is VLAN 10. My aim is to provide all ip phones an ip range of -, creating a third scope. I have two Cisco routers which are managed by my hosting provider, these are setup using HSRP. I have 3 HP 2910al layer 3 switches as the core, with 6 HP 2520-24 port POE switches to provide power to these ip phones. Happy to provide configs of any switches and I do have the configs of the Cisco routers from my provider. Help appreciated.
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TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
I'd say a rough checklist would be:
- set up new vlan for voip on switches,
- set up core layer3 switch as gateway for new vlan/subnet,
- set "voice" statement for new vlan to provide qos,
- set up dhcp/dhcp-relay on core layer3 switch as necessary,
- if NAT is necessary, let the router admin know that you'll need NAT for the new subnet.


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Steve153GNUAuthor Commented:
Thank you. My plan is to add vlan 20 as VOIP vlan. On my root switch I will add ip routing and create an ACL to allow clients not on subnet access to my MITEL server which will have a 10.0.0.X ip. On VLAN 20 VOIP I will add the voice tag and ip of and the ip helper tag. I just need to make sure I tag the correct ports, for 2 vlans to operate on one port one must be tagged and untagged. Think I have a plan. Thanks again.
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