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I was given a spreadsheet that had been damaged was was recovered.  The only issue the user has is the sheet contains formulas to color cells that no long work.

This formula works: =COUNTIF(AM$79:AM$79,"1 RED")

This does not: =IF(AN75>0,"",IF(AL75<$B$1,"1 RED",IF(AL75<$B$1+15,"2 YEL",IF(AL75>$B$1+14,"3 GRN"))))

Since one does and one doesnt, any thoughts?
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LCCSAMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can copy the cells in the other worksheet and then do a Paste Special...Formats to copy all the formatting (including conditional formats) across from one sheet to another. Or you can similarly use the Paintbrush tool. These tips are discussed in more detail in:


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Have you considered using conditional formatting?
I find it to be more stable than trying to change the colors in the cells formula.
vmccuneAuthor Commented:
This is a large spreadsheet from another dept and I am hoping to get out of it quickly.  Long story short, it worked before.
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The first one is using "1 Red" as a criteria so that doesn't affect the color of the cell. I would take a look for pre-existing conditional formatting rules. That may be where your issue lies.

Without seeing the spreadsheet itself I can't see exactly what the formulas are stuck on.
vmccuneAuthor Commented:
Ok.  I found it with your statement that it was still using conditional formatting.  I assumed 1 Red was Excel VBA for the color red.  Stupid me.  

Do you know offhand if it is possible to import the conditional formatting statements from one spreadsheet to another?
vmccuneAuthor Commented:
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